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Relais Plein Air

Fluid balance - yoga - Anissa Michaud

Fluid balance - yoga - Anissa Michaud

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Saturday March 23 - 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The spring equinox is a time to balance and temper ourselves. Now that our movement has begun, we take some time to observe ourselves and adjust our direction if necessary. Sometimes, doing a little cleaning is useful to increase the strength and ardor in our plans and intentions for the summer. It's an update, the time for a breath, before setting off again, with all the enthusiasm and joy we could wish for!

Connection workshops combine mindfulness exercises, pranayama (breathing exercises), yoga, meditation, journaling, sharing meditation and intuitive dance. The goal is to reconnect with one's inner Nature, one's deep Self, one's higher Being. The workshop is open to all.


- Yoga mat;

- Personal journal (or paper) and pencil;

- Comfortable clothing for moving.

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