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Relais Plein Air

Yoga Kripalu - Marie Laferrière

Yoga Kripalu - Marie Laferrière

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Tuesday 6:30 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. - face-to-face/zoom - January 9 to March 26

The fall session ends December 5

Kripalu means “compassion”. It is an approach to hatha yoga. The goal is to cultivate an experience of meditative internalization. Its practice is an invitation to a meditative awareness of the present moment which is based on the principles of “BREATHE, RELAX, FEEL, OBSERVE, AND ALLOW” to integrate the body, mind and spirit and connect to the wisdom of the body and the power of the True Self. Physical postures (asanas) are considered the external vehicle for the “internal posture” that we want to develop on the yoga mat (and, especially in everyday life): inner calm, harmony and peace by “FOLLOWING THE WAVE OF FEELINGS.”

Kripalu: yoga of self-acceptance, at your own pace, without judgment.

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