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Relais Plein Air

Hatha postural yoga - Marie Laferrière

Hatha postural yoga - Marie Laferrière

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Thursday 10:00 a.m. to 11:15 a.m. - face-to-face - January 11 to March 28

Exploring the restorer/active yin.

Also called “supported” yoga, restorative yoga stems from the Iyengar method and uses accessories (blocks, bolsters, chairs, yoga wall, etc.). This approach encourages long, calm maintenance of postures, which brings their benefits to bear in depth to restore and strengthen the different systems of the body. Restorative yoga particularly aims at balancing the nervous system, to improve breathing, concentration, presence, listening to oneself, letting go, stability and patience.
Postural Hatha
This style helps improve posture and release tension, while developing body awareness, stability, flexibility, strength, endurance, breathing capacity, confidence and concentration.

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