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Relais Plein Air

Yoga Vinyasa - Mitsi Cardinal

Yoga Vinyasa - Mitsi Cardinal

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Wednesday 7:00 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. - face-to-face / zoom - January 10 to March 27.

This introductory Vinyasa class will allow you to practice sequences in rhythm. In Vinyasa yoga, the sun salutation (in whole or in part) serves as a transition for sustained postures, and the breathing is synchronized with the movements. The rhythm will vary as necessary, to ensure an experience that is as safe as it is refreshing and invigorating. You will be guided to move with proprioceptive sensitivity and respecting your current limits. Each class will conclude with a meditation.

Members of Relais plein air/Club Skinouk and for 2nd registration, apply the $10 reduction code for Seasonal Subscriptions only.

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