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Relais Plein Air

Yoga Yin/Yang - Mitsi Cardinal

Yoga Yin/Yang - Mitsi Cardinal

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Monday 7:00 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. - face-to-face/zoom - January 8 to March 27

This class combines two complementary forms of yoga: yang and yin. Yang yoga is a more active practice. Blood circulation, strength, endurance and flexibility are all stimulated, through asanas performed in continuous movement and following the rhythm of breathing. Yin yoga promotes mobility and allows you to work in depth, particularly on the fascia. Made of elastin and collagen, fascia surrounds and forms <anatomical trains> with the muscles of the body. Healthy fascia facilitates the ability of interconnected muscles to stretch and slide. During the yin segment of the practice, postures will be held for longer, allowing for a meditative state and deeper muscle relaxation. You will emerge from this class revitalized and relaxed!

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